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New Master Agility Champions MACH Riot & Courtney Moore and MACH 3 Jesse & Carol Riley from the Poodle Club of San Antonio July 2021 trials.





Good NEWS!! 
We have moved to the former Euro Dog Center and will be doing our basic manners, rally, agility and Fast CAT classes and competitions there starting January 6th!

Our Newest Event: FAST CAT!

There will be 2 runs each day. Premiums will be prepared and will be posted on secretary Emily Forsyth’s website

FAST CAT® – which stands for Coursing Ability Test – is a timed 100-yard dash where dogs run one at a time, chasing a lure. It’s over before you know it — and it’s nothing short of awe-inspiring to watch your dog run at top speed, ears back, eyes focused, legs strong. And if your dog is really fast, you might earn bragging rights if his name makes onto the AKC list of top 20 fastest dogs by breed! Visit for the entry form & information.


1. Fast CAT is a timed straight race of 100 yards.
2. Dogs run singularly.
3. The dog’s time to complete the 100 yd dash is converted into mph
4. A handicap system is applied to a dog’s MPH to determine the number of points earned. The handicap system is based on the height of the dog at its withers.
a. 18”or greater = handicap is 1.0
b. 12” up to less than 18” = handicap is 1.5
c. Below 12” = handicap is 2.0
d. AKC Agility Height Cards will be accepted in lieu of measuring
5. Points = MPH multiplied by the dog’s handicap
6. Fast CAT suffix titles are earned at designated milestones:
a. BCAT = 150 points
b. DCAT = 500 points
c. FCAT = 1,000 points
d. FCAT# = every additional 500 points
7. For further information, please visit the following for the Regulations for FAST CAT (Chapter XVI)

Visit our Event Secretary for more information and future Dates!