Debbie Moore

Debbie has a passion to help people to have better a relationship with their dogs at home in every day life and in Fast CAT, rally, obedience and agility. Her dogs also train in barn hunt, Scent work and dock diving. She has achieved over 30 obedience & rally titles on 5 different breeds of dogs and 30 AKC & USDAA Agility Championships on her Toy Poodles, Border Pap and Border Collies. Her toy poodle, April, was a three-time 8" AKC National Agility Champion. Toy Poodle, Raven, was the AKC 4" Performance Agility Champion. Her Toy Poodle, Louie is the first & only dog with the coveted AKC Agility Grand Championship in the San Antonio area. Debbie is an AKC agility Judge & a retired middle school science teacher, she is the Alamo Dog Obedience Club Treasurer, the president for the Poodle Club of San Antonio, Bexar County Kennel Club Agility Trial Chairperson and Vice-President of the Bexar Regional Agility Team. She also instructs Agility at K9 Country Club in Bulverde, Texas & does private lessons at her home training center in Spring Branch, Texas.

Cora Harnish

Cora Harnish has been training dogs since the age of ten – her mom raised Labrador Retrievers so she grew up working dogs in obedience, field and show.  She earned two AKC Novice titles and a field title by the age of 12. She has since gone on to teach obedience classes for over 30 years including in-home private training for clients, her specialty; helping with dogs and puppies from Rescue organizations. Her goal is to ensure communication between owner and dog and to give them the tools to continue training for a lifetime! Her classes will cover the basics such as walk on leash, sit, stay, come, down as well as ‘don’t jump on me’ and  ‘leave it’. Cora is also an AKC certified Canine Good Citizen instructor.   She incorporates some of those skills into the classes so owners can see what the requirements would be for CGC/CGCA testing.  Cora also recently became an AKC Temperament Test Evaluator.  She has trained and used her owned dogs in Therapy work and Search and Rescue.

Christine Meyers 

Chris started training her first dog, Sheena in 2005 at some basic obedience classes. On completing those, she was looking for something else to build a stronger relationship with her dog and have some fun. A friend suggested trying agility and shall we say the rest is history. Chris began competing in agility in 2009 and they attained their first Novice title in 2010. To date she has59 titles on 5 quite different rescues, trained as adult dogs with a variety of behaviors to overcome. Her fourth rescue, Larry, has been the most challenging by far, as well as the most rewarding. She is now competing at the Masters level in AKC and USDAA with both Larry and Bekkah, a border collie found at HEB in 2018. They will be attending their first AKC Nationals (NAC) in March 2021. Chris is an ACT evaluator, a member of Bexar Regional Agility Team, Bexar County Kennel Club, Alamo Dog Obedience Club, and the Poodle Club of San Antonio. She serves as Chief course builder for their agility trials and for other clubs in Austin and Bell County. Bekkah and Larry both have Advanced Trick Dog & Barn Hunt titles.

Courtney Moore

Courtney Moore started training dogs as soon as she could walk. She put a CD obedience title on her toy Poodle, Mikey when she was 7 years old and convinced her mom, Debbie to start agility training after watching it in Houston. Before they knew it they were traveling all over Texas showing in agility and both mom and then daughter became AKC agility judges. Courtney is a very popular AKC, UKI & USDAA Agility Judge. She stays busy training & showing agility, dock diving, Fast CAT and barn hunt with her Border Collies, Chihuahua, Papillon-border Collie and Toy Poodles. She is a Vet Tech by day and a popular seminar presenter, she has a passion to help agility exhibitors improve their connection with their dogs.

Helen Rhodes

Helen Rhodes is a well know trainer and exhibitor who successfully shows and titles her Siberian Huskies and schipperke in both conformation, obedience, Fast CAT  and agility. She is fun to train with and enjoys helping student be successful with all different breeds of dogs. She is the Vice-President of Alamo Dog Obedience Club and is active in her national breed clubs.

Matt Palmieri

Matt Palmieri hails from California where he taught agility and judged USDAA and UKI agility. He has a passion for helping people train their puppies and beginner agility dogs. He enjoys training his dogs, German Shepards, Cattle Dogs and Border Collies in agility, rally, conformation, herding and Fast CAT. Matt owns his own Interior Design business and is the winner of the 2020 Parade of Homes.






Steve Larrison

Steve Larrison has been a dog owner his entire adult life.  He settled in with Labrador Retrievers early on until one day, about 12 years ago, he went quail hunting behind some fantastic pointing dogs.  He was hooked.  A couple years later he had his first Vizsla.  Shortly thereafter he acquired a second.  The show ring followed for a couple years, then into the field to do what they were born to do….HUNT.  In 2011, the summer was too hot to train for field work, so he decided to give the sport of agility a try to keep his dogs in shape.  That is all it took, the agility bug bit him.  One of his dogs, Vegas, took to the sport much more than the other, to the point that in Aug of 2015,Steve and Vegas achieved their first MACH.  When she retired, she had accumulated MACH3 and a plethora of titles from USDAA, NADAC and ASCA.  He has started a new Vizsla, Libby.  He is currently training her in agility and scent work. He has achieved a National Agility Championship (NAC)qualification every year that he was eligible. He is most proud that in 2017, he and Vegas were honored to qualify for the NAC FINALS in the 24” height.  The sport has given him and his dog so much enjoyment that in that same year he decided to “pay it forward” by attending the AKC Agility Judging Seminar to become an Agility Judge. Since then, he has traveled across the Nation judging AKC agility trials and enjoying all the different training styles. It is like a dance and when done well, a pleasure to watch.


















Tammi White

Tammi White does occasional private lesson for comformation and rally competition, she has had a passion for showing and competing with her dogs since she was a teenager.  Her first Sheltie helped her catch the "Bug" for showing dogs.  Years later, Tammi showed her Pomeranian to multiple specialty Best in Shows and she raised and trained 5 generations of High In Trial Obedience titled Shelties.  Tammi has taught all levels of obedience and has over 15 years experience in training owners and dogs, with a passion for creating an environment this is positive and fun for both.  This has made her a very sought-after conformation and Obedience/Rally instructor.  Her class focuses on building and understanding the communication between the handler and dog by learning hand, body, and leash skills.  This training helped to propel several of her students into the top 10 ranking in their breeds for Owner-Handler competion and helped many others put multiple titles on their dogs in the past few years.

When Tammi is not teaching, she can be found training her own Shelties or at dog shows.  She also judges sweepstakes for many breeds as she is known for her gentle hands on young puppies, as well as her compassion and support for newcomers to the world of dog showing.  Tammi is the Secretary of the Alamo Area Shetland Sheepdog club and member of both the San Antonio Kennel Club and Alamo Are Toy Dog Club.