Dog Obedience Training Classes

Basic Manners Group Classes start Saturday, October 3rd, 10:30-11:15 am and Sunday, October 4th 9:00-9:45 am, and possibly Monday, October 5th, 4 weeks $80.
PRIVATE LESSONS with Cora are also available by appointment. Get your puppy off to a good start (Sit, down, come, don’t chew on me) or brush up your furry wonder on the basics such as leash manners, sit, stay, come, down, wait and leave it!$50/45 minute session.  Contact Cora at 210 882-9421 or email to reserve your spot. These classes emphasize socialization. Cora's classes will cover the basics such as walk on leash, sit, stay, come, down as well as ‘don’t jump on me’,  ‘leave that alone’ and ‘spit that out’. 

Cora is also an AKC certified Canine Good Citizen instructor.   She incorporates some of those skills into the classes so owners can see what the requirements would be for CGC testing. The week following graduation Cora will give the CGC test after the Advanced Manners class.

Beyond Basic Manners: Intro to Rally Obedience & Beginner Novice/Novice Obedience Competition Class BY appointment: Wednesday 6:00-9:00 pm $25/30 min or $90/4 sessions.  If you are interested in competing  in AKC Obedience/Rally call Debbie Moore at 210 378-4202 or email

Download: Registration Application for Any Training class.


Basic Manners  Class

Basic Manners dog obedience training class is for puppies 4 months of age through adult. It is also older dogs with no previous dog obedience training. Basic obedience skills, such as, sit, down, come, stay, heel and loose leash walking  are taught. This class allows for the dog to continue their dog training skills in the Beginner Novice dog training class.

Beginner Novice Class

Pre-requisite: Basic Manners dog training class.
After completing Basic Manners Obedience class,dogs know the material but generally still have difficulty reponding in the presence of distractions. Beginner Novice class provides further training in basic companion dog training skills. This is a transition class for owners and dogs who have completed basic obedience classes and offers advanced basic skills preparatory for participating in the novice class level.

This class also prepares the handler and dog for competing in Beginner Novice obedience competition, an optional titling class offered by the American Kennel Club. Using a combination of traditional obedience and rally obedience signs to communicate directions, handlers and dogs learn to demonstrate skills such as heel on leash, figure eight, sit for examination, sit-stay, and recall exercises in a trial situation.

Novice  Class

Pre-requisite: Basic Manners/Beginner Novice/instructor approval. Novice obedience dog training class is for dogs with previous obedience training. The class also helps dogs getting ready for competition in obedience trials.  The class includes training exercises required for competition in the AKC Novice obedience class. These exercises are Heel on Leash, Figure Eight, Stand for Examination, Heel Free, Recall, Long Sit, and Long Down.
Beginner Novice sit for exam


Cocker Spaniel heeling

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